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The Problem
Your good reputation can be destroyed in a matter of minutes on the Internet by anyone - even a competitor. Search engines promote review sites in hopes of protecting the public...but these sites are now being abused to damage many good companies. Oftentimes, legal action is costly and mostly ineffective.

A negative online reputation could cost your company millions of dollars in lost business. We can help you restore your good online reputation with our proven SEO and solid system of Internet Marketing.

Reputation Management: What is it?
Reputation Management is the online response to reputation damaging information found on the web. Bad postings, negative feedback in blogs, horrible testimonials in popular forums, unrealistic scam allegations, and product reviews from false users can potentially put a company out of business.

Know that a single negative link under your company name can destroy profits without a proper response, and that response is a Reputation Management solution. It doesn't take much to realize that if a link is smearing your good reputation in the first results pages of any given web search, your business and character will suffer. It's that simple.

Reputation Management: How does it help improve your first page results?
A proper Reputation Management strategy has, as it's primary goal, the removal of negative results off of the first page of internet searches. Our Reputation Management approach consists of adapting various SEO strategies to outrank those negative results and send them far away from the main and most relevant result pages. Examples of our varrious appreaches are as follows:

Micro Sites
The creation of Reputation Management-oriented smaller sites, each one related to a specific keyword or subject of your main site. The Reputation Management strategy here is to complement search results with these keyword associated micro-sites.

Social Media
We'll develop strong social media profiles for your company on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. All will assist in having relevant, truthful information about your reputation pushed to the top of search page results.

Video and other Media
Our Reputation Management strategies focus not only on website results, but also on image and video results too. Your site-hosted videos, when properly encoded, can go a long way toward pushing positive information about your reputation to the top of search page results.

Business Profile Linking
In Reputation Management, it is not the number of links your site is referenced by, but rather the quality of those links. Obtaining links to your pages in relevant linking sites is a must for proper Reputation Management.

Reputation Management-supported Blogs rank well in search engines. A properly managed blog with continually relevant and fresh content provides a key outlet for your Reputation Management-coordinated voice to be heard.

RSS Feeds
Press Releases and content refreshing articles can provide important links for Reputation Management in the first result pages for your site.


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