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As internet users move beyond reading plain emails with standard news and information, they are increasingly sharing blogs, photos and videos via social networks and multimedia websites. This interactive web revolution has opened doors to limitless possibilities for creativity in content and site promotion.

As people are getting more into viewing and sharing videos via Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and other social networking sites, businesses are also making ways to follow them to monetize on this new trend. With this in mind, advertisers are also coming up with new techniques and ideas to advertise their services and products using these platforms.

One of the methods being used by companies is online video advertising. More and more business accounts are being created on YouTube on a daily basis for this purpose, and businesses are more frequently portraying their messages and products online using creative videos.

Advantages of Online Video Advertising

Click Rate: Users tend to click on videos more than clicking on image links and other advertising banners, increasing their chances of video ads being viewed by more visitors online compared to a banner image.

Stand out from competitors: Video advertising is a great way of distinguishing a site from its competitors. By offering and presenting goods and services in a different way, visitors become curious about the respective product or service being presented.

User Experience: By using online videos, both the website and the user experience are enhanced, encouraging visitors to stay on a website longer, giving businesses opportunity to convert more sales.

Attention: Visitors online often opt not to go through paragraphs and paragraphs of text, as they may be busy or simply too lazy to read. They would rather listen and watch something for couple of minutes to get the message they want. This provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to pitch their services and portray their message in a short video advertisement.

Brand: While not necessarily guaranteeing sales and conversion, online video marketing is a proven way of building an online brand, improving click rates through to websites and showing users different advertising approaches to goods and services.

Online Video Strategies

E-commerce: Sites often feature videos of each product available for sale to show potential customers how each works and how others are using them. This is a very effective method of advertisement, as users can see products in action before committing to buy them.

Testimonials: Sites increasingly feature customers' video testimonials and share them online or on networking sites, highlighting the merits of the business and the goods and services it provides.

Company Message: Companies often utilize online video to convey mission statements and company objectives.

Case Studies: Many companies are now recording their case studies in videos, detailing to visitors how their products or services have benefited previous customers, what approach they took, and the final outcome (think weight loss infomercials).

Training: Online video training is a great time saver for any business, as businesses simply divert trainees and customers to a finished piece once it is recorded. This reduces lost productivity with seasoned employees, and allows viewers of the content to access it at their leisure.

Today users and potential clients are spending more and more time online, and are increasingly getting more used to receiving their information and entertainment programming via online video. Be sure that your site is poised to capitalize on this trend. Let us help you develop an online video marketing strategy for your site today!


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