social media marketing builds powerful social media campaigns for companies focused on ROI. Our expert team is time tested at driving explosive traffic, greater levels of leads and sales.

Why your company needs Social Media
The true power of social media comes from the ability to create a community around your company and create digital conversations with your customers and clients. Whether it's using a blog to showcase your company culture, or using Twitter for fast, personal customer service, has the proven track record that will harness that power for you.

Culture and Values
We value integrity, honesty, and transparency. We vow to work as hard as possible for our clients to make sure they are successful in the social media world. We are proud of the fact that we take the time to teach our clients about how to successfully use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Ning. It's not just about our ability to produce results, but more importantly, it's about our clients joining us for the ride and executing a powerful campaign together.

Your company started a blog. That's great! But how are you driving traffic and how are you turning readers into sales or leads?

Your company is on Twitter. Way to go! But are you building a meaningful following of evangelists that will promote your company? How are you engaging an audience on Twitter and starting a conversation with them? answers all of these questions with our time-tested solutions. Our services have proven to produce results and drive traffic, sales, and revenue for our clients. We provide:

Optimized Blog Development and Design
A blog is the best way for a company to reach out and build a community with customers, clients, and users. A blog allows the company to have a transparent platform wherein the customer is able to interact with the company, offer feedback, and learn more about the company culture. will design and develop the blog and optimize it for search engines and for social media. We know the exact Viral DNA necessary for a popular blog and understand how to optimize usability and readability.

Virally Enabled, Emotionally Charged Content Writing
A well-written, value-driven blog post is essential in driving traffic, establishing authority, and adding value to the community. The blog is not a press release page; instead, it should target a highly relevant audience, teaching it new things about the client's industry, reviewing products, or just displaying the client's fun company culture. will teach a client how to write value-driven articles that transcend the mundane PR releases that most companies develop. By using's validated methods, a company will capture its social media audience and create evangelists and fans that will promote the company.

Optimized Twitter Campaign
Twitter is an essential tool for a company to engage its audience and to build a conversation with the people that matter. Twitter is not a place to blast advertisements; instead, the benefits of using Twitter are to create a community and following around the company brand. will not only create and design the Twitter profile, but we will teach the client how to use Twitter internally for a dynamic company culture, at events to interact with participants and the community, and to target relevant users that will buy the client's products or services.

Explosive and Sustainable Traffic Generation
When used effectively, Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networks are great tools to use to spread a message and articles. The first step is to write a high-quality post; the next step is to use the major social media networks to spread the message. will develop and execute on a strategy to produce high-quality, entertaining content that social media users love and value.

No content or message can be guaranteed to go "viral." However, by using our validated methods, a company is able to drive traffic to a site and position itself to gain fans and evangelists by becoming an authority figure in its industry.

Robust Brand Monitoring
Social tools now provide companies with a great way to monitor their brand, and most importantly, to respond to anyone who is talking about them. will continue to develop systems, tools, and processes so that any client is able to quickly find relevant users on Twitter and monitor the space for mentions of its products and/or services.

Remember, the conversation is already happening online. We will make it possible for you to join the conversation in the most effective way possible that allows you to talk to your audience and build a powerful and relevant following.

Analytics and Metrics
No campaign is complete without the proper analytics and metrics to measure the success of every facet of the campaign. Here is just a sample of the questions that our analytic tools answer:

By analyzing these metrics, is able to adjust and revise the campaign to maximize ROI.

Let's Get Started
Hopefully this section gave you a clearer understanding of Social Media's prevalence and its impact on how business is now being done. Contact us with our easy to use online form today and let us help you master the social media landscape!


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